Annual Showtyme Summer Slam and the celebration of Showtyme Hoopers @10 ends in grand style

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…Our goal is to empower our youths and get them a platform to flourish – CEO Showtyme – Shola Durojaye
By Maxwell Kumoye

The Annual Showtyme Summer Slam and the celebration of Showtyme Hoopers @10 came to a grand and befitting end in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, South West, Nigeria at the weekend.

Stakeholders, fans and lovers of the slamming and dunking game in Ibadan were treated to an electrifying show stopping game in the final of the 2023 Edition of the Showtyme Summer Slam.

In the final, defending champions Hoop Dreams successfully defended the diadem they won 12 months ago by beating NBBF Division One side Showtyme Hoopers.

As usual, to balance gender equality, the girls too were not left out as they fiercely competed for top prizes.

The CEO of Showtyme Hoopers, Shola Durojaye expressed his profound gratitude to the coaches, officials, players, fans, friends, family and the Oyo State Basketball Association (OSBA), which he is also a member and the entire City of Ibadan for their huge support and contributions towards the success of the just concluded event.

The hugely successful tournament was described by Durojaye as a platform for youth development and empowerment: “It’s all about the kids playing the game of basketball and providing a platform for them to showcase their talents and developing the game of basketball in Oyo State is the mission of the Showtyme Summer Slam.” One time assistant coach of Leeds City University Basketball team, added.

“Showtyme Hoopers was born ten years ago during the maiden edition of the prestigious Abuja City Basketball League in which I was a coach and player, here we are consistently developing the game of basketball and our vision is to bring another Premier League team to the ancient City of Ibadan. Showtyme Hoopers won several trophies in which the 2018 National Division 2 Championship remains the most cherished of all.” The US based Surgical Instruments Specialist, said.

Shola Durojaye, a die hard supporter of Oluyole Warriors Basketball Club, who is a former basketball coach and player is also footing the bill of a pet project that is very dear to him, the Showtyme Angels, the female team with the same vision and mission of developing the girl child talent and bringing another female league team to Oyo State.

The Showtyme Angels debuted at the recently held Rep Ya City Basketball Tournament in Akure and also competed at the just concluded Showtyme Summer Slam.

To draw the curtain on the two-in-one event over the weekend, Showtyme Entertainment organized a concert at the Cloud 7 club to celebrate his friends, fans and family in a triple charge atmosphere with a fast rising female artist Psych and other invited artists to light up the city of Ibadan.

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