David Badejo: Nigerian Making wave in UK Sport industry

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By Sedara Oluwadara

Some Nigerians might have heard about David Badejo while Many may be hearing the name for the first time.

David Badejo is a passionate Football agent,Sport consultant and promoter.

He is the founder and CEO Hourglasssportpromotion,UK Sport based company.

He holds degree in sport management coaching and diploma in Football medicine.

David Badejo is a sport well-being (mental health) Expert.

Hourglass has consulted for many big clubs in Countries like UK, Germany, Ukraine etc.

As part of its sports promotion programmes, hourglass has projected many footballers to stardom including Edobor Chinedu Francis who is making wave in German league.

Hourglass is presently in agreement with IDA to establish office in Nigeria.

Hourglass has just initiated Miss Football International which bis sport inform of entertainment

Hourglass is representative of Odertey Lamptey of Ghana he owns one of the biggest football academies in Africa.

An Ogun-born Sport and football administrator who believes that grassroot sports should be accorded with its respect being the basis of any success stories.

David Badejo is an unrelentless Sport promoter who sees joy in bringing smiles to the Faces of downtroddens.

He has taken upon himself to bring the needed change to Nigeria Sport industry via Exposing grassroot footballers to Foreign deals and prioritizing Sport marketing as pathway for Sport growth.

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