Dr Ololade Adeyemi’s Passion For grassroot sports


By Sedara Philip

Dr Odomode Ololade Adeyemi Opemipo popularly known as Lacrown is a household name in Akoko land.

Dr Ololade Adeyemi has sole sponsored several grassroot sports programs.

The Ikaram marathon holds yearly which costs Dr Ololade Adeyemi millions of naira for its actualisation.

Ikaram marathon has attracted athletes across the country.

It is noteworthy that the last winner hailed from Osun State.

Dr Ololade Adeyemi has been yearly sponsored Akoko unity football Cup.

The unity Cup has provided platforms for many grassroot footballers to navigate their ways to stardom.

He is also sole financier of Lacrown Female Football competition among secondary schools in Akoko land.

Lacrown Football Academy was founded by Dr Ololade Adeyemi and sole financed by him.

Aside Sports,Dr Ololade Adeyemi has severally donated reading materials and learning aids to schools in. Ikaram-Akoko.

Dr Ololade Adeyemi is an untiring football administrator whose visions and motives are to develop grassroot sports

We need more Odomode Ololade Adeyemis in our sports in Ondo state.

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