Fencing and Drone Technology Summer Camp- “Unleash Your Inner Champion”.

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The Lagos Fencing Club, an affiliate of the Nigerian Fencing Federation through its catch them young programmes, is putting together an action-packed camp where fencers will refine their fencing skills, engage in intense duels and taste the sweet thrill of victory.

The summer camp according to the President of the Federation, Adeyinka Samuel is one of the programmes scheduled for this calendar year as fencers will explore their creativity especially through chess matches, immersive arts and crafts sessions, cutting-edge robotics, gaming, dynamic dance workshops, and the exciting world of drones.

Speaking on the camp, Adeyinka stated that this is just the beginning of many events we will bring to the table. “Our camp offers an extraordinary summer adventure, combining the art of fencing with the exhilarating realm of drone technology, all while providing exclusive access to our vibrant fencing community”, he concluded.

The president revealed that limited spots are available for those that want enrol. Interested participants can reach out through info@lagosfencingclub.com for the Fencing Summer Camp/Drone Tech Adventure where the gladiators will unleash their champion.

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