Gusau Backs Abridged league


The Igbo proverbial saying that any child whose father sent to steal, will already destroy the victim doors with a kick, may be having a bearing in the ongoing face off between the League Club Owners and the Interim Management Committee of the NPFL.

The IMC has invited the clubs to the draws of the Abridged League slated for Sandralia Hotel Abuja on Wednesday 28 December 2022.

The League is expected to commence on Sunday 8 January 2022.

But, the club owners have threatened to boycott the draws, saying that they objected to the abridged league format, instead, they are inviting their members to a meeting on the same day in Asaba, Delta State. in Abuja can reveal that all the actions of the IMC in connection with the League, have the approval and signatures of the Nigeria Football Federation.

In a memo to the Chairman of the IMC from the Secretariat of the NFF, the Football Federation acknowledged the letter from the IMC intimating them of its programs towards the commencement of the League, and went ahead to approve the holding of the draws for the abridged league format.

The letter which was signed by Ademola Olajire on behalf of the General Secretary and dated 23rd December 2022 stated

“I have the pleasure to convey to the Chairman, approval of the NFF President for your proposal to execute a transparent and open draw on the 28th December 2022, for an abridged league of two split format, and with commencement date of Sunday 8th January 2023 to end May 2023”.


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