Ilutitun Primary Schools football Competition: Olabayo, Progressive knocked out As Camp David, Amazing Grace Zoom to the Semi-final


By Sedara Oluwadara

The two of the title favourites for the 2022 Ilutitun Primary schools football Competition have been ousted.

Before the quarter-final match against Amazing Grace, Progresssive were the bookmakers’ favourite for the Semi-final, However an home goal gave Amazing Grace a shocking leading.

Progressive found a lifeline late on with an equalizer.

As the score ended 1-1 at the match duration, Amazing Grace won 5-3 on penalties to proceed to Semi-final.

In the Same vein, Olabayo played a 1-1 draw with camp David in a keenly contested.

Camp David however won 5-4 on penalties.

The Semi-final is scheduled for next week, Camp David will face Amazing Grace while L.A Primary School will slug out with Mega Methodist Primary School.

The Semi-finals are Scheduled for Monday and Tuesday while the Final match holds on Sunday

The 2022 Ilutitun Primary schools football Competition is Sponsored by Chief Tade Olowogboye, proprietor Mercuri Group of Schools

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