IMC Rolls out Strong Monitoring Team for Last Fixtures


By Sedara Philip

Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) stakeholders and followers have been promised season ending matches that will consolidate on the gains made so far by the reforms instituted by the Interim Management Committee (IMC).

The IMC was mandated at inauguration to ensure a clean up of the NPFL and make it competitive, attractive to corporate support and aligned to the international football calendar.

Head of Operations at the IMC, Davidson Owumi spoke during an internal review session and said that part of plans in place to achieve a season that ends on a high is the setting up of an intensive monitoring team that would be at all the venues.

“We are happy so far with the performance of the clubs, the conduct of majority of our Match Officials and the fans in most venues.

“But, it’s never perfect and we are working to plug all gaps especially at this last stage when desperation has set in. We have reviewed all outstanding fixtures in relation to how crucial the stakes are to the clubs and we are confident of nipping any misadventure by any Club Administrator or even our Match Officials”, declared Owumi.

Against the background of possible compromise of games, he said the IMC is not leaving anything to chance, hence it is working with relevant match Security Agencies, the Club Administrators, the Nigeria Referees and the NFF.

“We have always worked with every organ including the security agencies, the Referees body and the NFF to ensure the very best standards are upheld but being the last game of the regular season, we have upped the ante to deliver the very best”, the IMC boss assured.

“While it may not be in our interest to disclose all the strategies we have in place, it is also important to make it known that Security Intelligence unit are already monitoring some Clubs Officials in high risk games with a view to nipping in the bud any untoward developments”, he concluded

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