NBBF:Lack Of Funds Might Stop Nigeria From Continental Championships

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The Nigerian Basketball Federation is on the verge of pulling out from the FIBA AfroCon tournament holding in Angola from the 8th to 16th of july and the U16 male and Female junior championship in Tunisa, from the 13th to 21th of july 2023. The U16 championships is to qualify the U16 to the world cup for U17 slated for 2024. 

It is now a public knowledge that the President of NBBF, Engr. Musa Kida, has  personally been funding most activities of the NBBF in recent times, just as he single handedly sourced the funds for the two U16 teams to the qualifiers of the tournment  in Ghana and the Men’s national team in Ivory Coast respectively. 

A patriotic and selfless act that made some aggrevied board members angry and offended that they were not carried along and made part of the travelling delegation for the purpose of collecting estacodes.  

In order to avoid what might be another embarrassing moment for the game in the country, the President of NBBF has led the call for all board members to put all hands on deck as it is the equitable practice to look for funds to allow the teams participate in the championships.

Meanwhile, keen observers and concerned stakeholders expect all members of the board including the supposedly aggrieved, will come up with some funding to assist the federation.

It also the prayers of the concerned stakeholders that instead of trying to  blackmail the NBBF President and other members, the aggrieved board members should support the activities of the NBBF,  to make sure the hopes of these young players are not dashed on the alter of politicking by selfish members who would rather pay journalist to spin the narrative against a board in which they are also members . 

In the coming days, the NBBF will inform the public for the first time ever, on these contributions and decisions taken concerning the participation of the teams in these championships.

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