NNL Demands Befitting Match Venues From Clubs Ahead Of New Season

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By Sedara Philip

The Nigeria National League (NNL) has requested clubs to submit preferred and alternative stadium(s) for their home matches as the new 2023/2024 season beckons.

The mandate from the NNL secretariat is that the forty (40) clubs who are to compete in the fresh season have until next week to comply with the directive.

NNL Chief Operational Officer ,Mr.Emmanuel Adesanya speaking to NNL media said the stadium(s) must reflect required standard as spelt out in the rule book of the league.

Adesanya hinted that requirements such as a good playing pitch, safety and security, good dressing rooms with toilets, showers and bathing facilities with recovery Areas are key.

Others include Perimeter fencing, adequate media and medical facilities.

He said clubs have been sent circular in this regard and they are to note that any facility that falls in short demand will not be approved.

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