Raphael Ayagwa : The Nigerian midfielder who was humiliated, Beaten and Lynched By Egyptian Clubside

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By Emmanuel Chinedu

Egyptian topflight side, Aswan Sporting Club, has breached its contract with Nigerian international, Raphael Ayagwa.

According to different information we received over the past few days, the Nigerian international contract officially came to end after the 2022/2023 Egyptians top-flight came to end but was forcefully mandated to append his signature for renewal with half of his owed salary offered to him rather than the full salary.

Ayagwa’s refusal led to his being lynched by the club officials with his bags and phone taken forcefully away from him.

As at the time of this report, Ayagwa who is currently in Cairo is expected to be on his way back to Nigeria as efforts are been put in by the player agent to retrieve his personal belongings.

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