Super Eagles Backroom Staff opens up on the effect of irregular pay


By Sedara Oluwadara

The issue of unpaid salary and match bonuses payment has remained an unending issue in the Nigeria football sphere especially players in the national team.

However, not much is usually reported of the plight backroom staff of the team go through with the irregular way the payments come.

In a shocking revelation, a backroom staff of the Super Eagles (name withheld) has disclosed that they have to beg sometimes to meet up with their needs.

He revealed to OwnGoalNigeria that they used to beg players on national duty for money due to the way their pay is paid.

“My brother, we beg players for money, That’s a fact. It’s the only way we can survive else how do we explain to our families that we are travelling abroad with a national team and returning with nothing to show?

You know they won’t take it,”

The staff said. “The players haven’t been paid their allowances for the last 12 or 13 matches.

Even the last game we played against Algeria, they just played and go and I am not sure they have received any match allowance for any friendly game the past two years,” he concluded.

Unpaid salaries has continued to rear its ugly in the men’s and women’s football team and it is just a matter of time before this causes more problems to the sport in Nigeria.

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