The PANASA President’s Cup, is world class, Chairman Lagos Scrabble – Engineer Dipo Akanbi

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…Lagos to get another major national championship
By Maxwell Kumoye

The Chairman of Lagos State Monopoly and Scrabble Association (LSMSA), Engineer Dipo Akanbi, says the inaugural edition of the Pan African Scrabble Association,(PANASA) President’s Cup (PPC) is a world class event that compares favourably with the last WESPA Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

He gave this verdict on Saturday with First Zealmediacast Blog, on Day 2 of the elite Pan African Scrabble Association (PANASA) President’s Cup (PPC).

Akanbi stated that, the number, their dexterity on the board, mental strength and word power of the over 150 players from Africa and America is a clear testimony of the high standard of the President’s Cup holding at the Rose Hall of Orchid Hotel, Ikota-Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

“The atmosphere is electric, friendly, the hall is near perfect, the quality of the games are sky high and the hospitality is second to non, Africa is feeling and seeing Lagos and Nigeria in a positive light.” The civil engineer said.

He went further to state that; “Africa has come of age and the game of Scrabble is growing very fast. Before now, it was all about Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana but Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cameroon are pulling out some big bingos in the game as it flourish across the continent.“

Most of the players, including a seasoned actor, firm maker and an entrepreneur, Fred Amata, who is completing at the President’s Cup (PPC), share Engineer Dipo Akanbi’s submission on the new baby of PANASA.

“The success story of the Pan African Scrabble Association PANASA President’s Cup (PPC), will help speed up the development of scrabble across Africa and we in Lagos State Monopoly and Scrabble Association (LSMSA), are working on a big tournament, hopefully next year.” Akanbi added.

First Zealmediacast Blog understand that, Lagos Scrabble Governor’s Classic may be born in the days to come and LSMSA has set in motion plans to make it happen.

“With more corporate backing as well as government support we get it done.”

“I’m enjoying every minute, every move and action at the President’s Cup, we are yearning for more. I have even surpass my own personal expectations, as the event comes to an end, any win now for me, is bonus plus.” The LSMSA Chairman concluded.

32,000 dollars is up for grab in the President’s Cup, with the winner getting 5,000 dollars and the Gbenga Ojofeitimi trophy, SM Quartey trophy which is the second prize has 2,500 dollars while 1,700 dollars and the Ojior Osikhena trophy goes to the third place.

Over 150 players from Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Uganda, United States of America and host Nigeria are fighting, jamming and challenging one another for the top honours and the bragging rights.

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