The Violence In Our Domestic Leagues Is a Result Of Bad Leadership


The spate of recent cases of violence recorded in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) has been attributed to bad leadership.

The Chairman of Taraba State Football Association, Mallam Mahmud Sanusi Mohammed is concerned that this ugly trend may not subside until those at the helm in Nigerian football purge themselves of all wrongdoing.

Speaking with Mallam Mahmud Sanusi stressed the need for those in football authorities to keep to the rules and stop infringing on people’s rights.

“Just when you think that all the evil that has happened in Nigeria football has run its due course, you suddenly realise that there is plenty more out there”

He stated that violence recorded at various Leagues centres has become a major source of concern for football lovers across the country.

“It is so sad that karma has come to haunt us again through our Leagues, this is not good for our football”.

Mallam Mahmud still believes that there is strong indication that all the good and bad things done by football administrators affect how good or bad the future of that country’s football will be.

“As a leader you have to treat people right and give them their mandates instead of disenfranchising them, of course you can’t expect different results from what you sow”.

He advised that football administrators should henceforth repent and start doing the needful in order not to reap the law of karma.

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