Uncertainty Surrounds NNL Relegation Play-offs

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By Our Correspondent

Uncertainty have surrounded the hosting of the Nigeria National League relegation playoffs in Kano.

The coalition of the eight clubs taking place in the tournament complained about the outbreak of Diphtheria in that part of the State.

The clubs also hinted at the economic hardship in the country which is likely to affect some teams’ participation in the relegation playoffs.

They however urged the NNL to cancel the playoff arrangement as the plan is outside the football calendar.

ABS, Sokoto United, Ikorodu City, Edel FC, FWC Champion FC, Smart City FC, Henserd FC and Adamawa United are the teams expected to take part in the playoffs.

In June, about 439 of suspected cases came from Kano, of which 160 were later confirmed.

In July, 130 additional cases were confirmed before the month ended

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