“We Don’t Tolerate Unethical Practices In Our League”- Says Chief Operating Officer Of NLO


The Chief Operating Officer of the Nationwide League (NLO), Mr. Shola Ogunowo has given reasons why the third-tier domestic league body is so successful and impregnable over the years.

The football technocrat agreed that leagues worldwide are evolving and so the Nationwide league in Nigeria is not an exception.

Mr. Ogunowo stated that the NLO is equipped with measures that makes it impregnable for any unethical practices.

“Yeah, the issue is we follow our rules, and this is why we don’t have series of protest cases because we don’t give room for laxity

“The NLO Supremo says he is undeterred by the efforts of few unethical people to derail the efforts of the lower league body.

“Except unscrupulous elements that wants to cut corners, we also quickly nip every action in the bud before it escalates”.

On the issues and controversies surrounding players and clubs licensing that has engulfed other leagues, Mr Ogunowo emphatically declared that such shenanigans can not happen in the NLO because of the stringent measures put in place.

“The registration licence is different from club licensing, the club licensing is like a certificate to operate as an entity called football club.

We have built a solid relationship with both players and clubs and we have a continuous process of educating them on our policies and actions”.

He further buttressed that the licensing policy of the NLO has been recognised internationally by foreign embassies all over the world.

“Our players licence is adjudged to be the best and presently it’s the only recognised player licence by most of the Embassies (this can be verified with evidence)”.

He elucidated that all what he stated are verifiable claims through the Internet and encouraged stakeholders to constantly visit the NLO website for information.

“The Online and Hardcopy all with tamper proof security features of our licensing are available, If you scan the barcode on our licence it will take you to our website where you can see the players profile on our database”.

“You go to our Mobile App or website and click on NLO players, search for adny club and you will see their players’ details”.

Recently, The President of Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, saluted the Chief Operating Officer of the Nationwide League, Shola Ogunowo for doing wonders and changing the face of the third tier league in the country.

Alhaji Gusau commended Ogunnowo for a job well done in changing the face of the NLO.

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