Everton Issue: Premier League Mockery

‘We know what we need to do to stay in the Premier League’

Everton Football Club has been deducted two points for a second breach of the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) for the three years to 2022-23, dropping the club to 16th place in the Premier League, two points above the relegation zone. The club had already been deducted 10 points for a breach of the PSR for the three years to 2021-22, but the deduction was reduced to six on appeal in February. The Toffees have stated that they will appeal against the decision, but the process may not be completed before the season ends. This could leave clubs uncertain of their top-flight status after 19 May.

‘No consistency’ – analysis

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire says that the reduction in points from five to two is fair because Everton has already been punished for breaking the rules in 2021 and 2022 for the first deduction. There is a separate issue about why it took the Premier League so long to charge Everton about the first set of offences. The Premier League wanted 10 points deducted from Everton the first time round, eight points from Nottingham Forest and five points from Everton the second time round, but there is no consistency. The frightening thought is that we could reach the end of the season and we still don’t know who’s relegated.

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Why have Everton been deducted more points than Forest?

Everton’s deduction of six points for the three years to 2021-22 was for losses of £19.5m over the £105m permitted threshold, while Nottingham Forest were deducted four points for breaching the permitted £61m threshold by £34.5m for the three years to 2022-23. According to the commission, Forest’s penalty was initially set at six points, but they were granted two points for “early admission and exceptional cooperation” during the process. However, the Premier League stated that Everton did not show the same level of cooperation. The commission also noted that the decision in Everton’s case is “broadly consistent” with the one made in the Forest case. Everton’s punishment is “justifiably higher” because they exceeded the threshold in two consecutive financial years. Therefore, the commission considers that Everton’s second points deduction is not “excessive, unfair to Everton or disproportionate” compared to the Forest decision.The club has expressed extreme concern at the inconsistency of the punishments, with four different commissions issuing four different points deductions this season.

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