Premier League title race: Will Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester City win?

As the Premier League season approaches its final stretch, the top three teams are separated by just one point. Liverpool currently sit in second place with a game in hand, and will return to the top of the table if they beat Sheffield United at Anfield. Arsenal are currently in first place with 68 points, while Manchester City are just one point behind in third place.

Arsenal still third favourites despite being top

Despite being at the top of the table, Arsenal are still considered third favourites to win the title, according to Opta’s ‘supercomputer’ simulations. The Gunners have just a 23.2% chance of winning the title, while Liverpool are still the favourites with a 41.9% chance of going all the way. Manchester City are second favourites with a 34.9% chance of winning the title.

Current table

The current Premier League table shows Arsenal at the top with 68 points, followed closely by Liverpool and Manchester City with 67 points each. Arsenal have a goal difference of 48 and have scored 72 goals so far this season. Liverpool have a goal difference of 40 and have scored 67 goals, while Manchester City have a goal difference of 38 and have also scored 67 goals.

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What are the remaining fixtures?

The remaining fixtures for the top three teams are as follows:


  • Crystal Palace (A)
  • Brighton (A)
  • Fulham (H)
  • Everton (A)
  • West Ham (A)
  • Newcastle (H)
  • West Brom (A)
  • Brighton (H)


  • Sheffield United (H)
  • Chelsea (A)
  • Newcastle (H)
  • Manchester United (A)
  • Southampton (H)
  • West Brom (A)
  • Burnley (A)
  • Crystal Palace (H)

Manchester City

  • Manchester United (A)
  • Crystal Palace (H)
  • Aston Villa (H)
  • Tottenham (A)
  • Southampton (H)
  • Newcastle (A)
  • Brighton (H)
  • Everton (H)

When were the other closest three-way title races?

There have been a few other occasions where the Premier League title race has been a close three-way battle. In the 2013/2014 season, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea were separated by just two points towards the end of the season. City ultimately won the title after winning their game in hand. In the 2001/2002 season, Arsenal led Liverpool by a point with Manchester United a further point behind, but Arsenal had a game in hand and went on to win the title. In the 1995/96 season, Manchester United were level on points with Newcastle with Liverpool just two points behind, but United ultimately won the title.

What if they finish level on points?

If two or more teams finish level on points, the league is decided on goal difference, then goals scored, then most points in the head-to-head matches, and finally most away goals in the head-to-head record.

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